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The law firm of Duboff, Edwards, Haight & Schachter has a long and distinguished history, tracing its roots to the 1930’s. However, it was the law firm of Mendle Meltzer and Earl Essers that was the true genesis of its creation, when that practice was purchased in the mid-1980’s by a young Neil Duboff, who was Meltzer’s nephew and who had a vision of what a progressive law firm should be.

Over the next decade, Neil would be joined by several partners - first Harley Schachter, then Bill Haight and then by Paul Edwards. All four came from either large or traditional firms, and all four believed they could serve their clients in a new, smaller firm by focusing on practical, effective and innovative solutions to help their clients achieve their goals. And they were right.

That vision of a nimble, client-centric approach is also supported by the type of lawyer that is asked to join the Duboff, Edwards, Haight & Schachter team. Rather than select associates solely on academic credentials, the firm places equal emphasis on personality, attitude and integrity. These are values that shape character and form the basis of the firm’s inclusive culture.

In addition to practicing law in the community, the firm is also cognizant of its responsibility to the community. Each partner and associate is involved in numerous non-profit and civic organizations. In addition, our staff are likewise encouraged to volunteer and become involved in our community. As a company, the firm regularly supports worthwhile endeavors, often doing so anonymously without recognition.

Today, Duboff, Edwards, Haight & Schachter may have grown in size and stature, adding partners, staff and associates, but it still embraces its commitment to dedicated client service. That focus has resulted in a client list that includes many well-known and prestigious Canadian, American and international companies and organizations.

While clients can choose any law firm, they choose Duboff, Edwards, Haight & Schachter because of the firm’s culture, commitment and results – results that have led to landmark rulings in Aboriginal and Corporate law and have reshaped the Canadian legal landscape.

Make the right choice. For practical, effective, and innovative solutions, contact Duboff, Edwards, Haight & Schachter.

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